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2017 Police Annual Report

Field Operations

The backbone of our department is Field Operations which consist of; Uniformed Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Traffic Enforcement/Accident Team, the Community Resource Team (CRT). Vice/Narcotics Investigations, and the Special Enforcement Team (SET).

Uniform Patrol

The most highly visible component of the Asheboro Police Department is the uniformed Patrol Division.  The Patrol Division consists of four patrol teams, which operate on a rotating schedule.  Each team is comprised of eight officers who are supervised by a Lieutenant and a Sergeant.

The Asheboro Police Department uses its patrol officers to reduce criminal activity and maximize the quality of life for the citizens of Asheboro.  Our officers enhance the service provided to our citizens by maintaining visibility, engaging citizens, stopping crime, and responding to calls for service.  On average, the uniformed Patrol Division responds to roughly 550 calls for service per week.   

The City of Asheboro is broken down into four patrol zones:  North, West, East, and South. Patrol Zones ImageThe benefits of zones are:

Questions or concerns regarding the Patrol Division can be forwarded to:

Captain R.L. Brown, Jr.


A specialized unit that deals with more undercover and special operations than any other unit. Primarily dealing with illegal narcotics, these detectives come in contact with everything from an occasional user to a major trafficker on a regular basis.

Narcotics officers receive some of the most intensive specialized training offered. This in conjunction with the opportunity to work hand in hand with other agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Customs, allow an officer to learn and grow continually.

Criminal Investigations (CID)

Lt. Jay Hanson commands this division which includes a detective sergeant and five detectives. These officers are called to respond to the scene whenever an investigation reaches beyond the time or resource constraints of a patrol officer. Detectives are required to investigate crimes against persons (crimes including homicides, rapes, assault, etc.) and crimes against property (burglaries, larcenies, forgeries, auto thefts, etc.). This Division cooperates with other city, state and federal agencies in investigating incidents and gathering of criminal intelligence data.

The Crime Scene Unit is part of the CID. Crime scene investigators Detective Michael Fulk and Detective Eric Snodgrass are responsible for assisting victims by gathering, processing, protecting and presenting evidence.

Traffic Accident/Enforcement Team

The Traffic Enforcement Unit investigates traffic crashes in an effort to relieve patrol from the majority of this duty. The Traffic Enforcement Unit investigates all traffic fatalities and all accident
reconstruction. They offer services to the public of installing and checking for proper installation of child safety seats. The Traffic Enforcement Unit also handles traffic for special events held within the city of Asheboro. They work with the Governor’s Highway Safety Program in an effort to reduce DWI violations.

Community Resource Team (CRT)

The Community Resource Team (CRT) includes a Sergeant and three uniformed officers. The purpose of CRT is to engage the community through efforts such as Community Watch Programs, daily business checks, safety talks, guided Police Department tours for youth, partnering with non-profit entities for charitable and enrichment purposes. The CRT assists with a variety of special events in the community such as parades, festivals, and community 5K runs. The CRT unit also assists uniformed patrol teams, vice/narcotics and criminal investigation teams as needed.  

Special Enforcement Team (SET)

The Special Enforcement Team is comprised of four officers and a supervisor. They are responsible for focusing their efforts on reoccurring and patterned criminal activity. SET commonly works street level drug enforcement; however, are flexible in their hours and may conduct covert or overt operations if an area within the city has experienced an influx in vehicle break-ins or other criminal activity. SET also keeps track of current local fugitives and frequently serves offenders with active arrest papers.