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Police - Community Safety

Community Resource Team (CRT)

The Community Resource Team (CRT) includes a Sergeant and three uniformed officers. The purpose of CRT is to engage the community through efforts such as Community Watch Programs, daily business checks, safety talks, guided Police Department tours for youth, partnering with non-profit entities for charitable and enrichment purposes. The CRT assists with a variety of special events in the community such as parades, festivals, and community 5K runs. The CRT unit also assists uniformed patrol teams, vice/narcotics and criminal investigation teams as needed.  

Community Watch

The community watch initiative is designed to establish partnerships between the community and the Police Department. Community watch meetings focus on providing safety information and tips to the public in an effort to help keep citizens safe. These meetings provide an opportunity for the public to address representatives of the Police Department with their concerns and gratitude. It also enables neighbors to get to know each other again as well as the police officers serving their communities. If you live in the City of Asheboro and you are interested in starting a community watch or would like more information regarding community watch, email us at communitywatch@ci.asheboro.nc.us or contact the Asheboro Police Department at (336) 626-1300 x 303 or (336) 626-2733.

Crime Stoppers ImageCrime Stoppers

Randolph County Crime Stoppers is an effective and proven crime fighting tool.  From anonymous information furnished by citizens, Crime Stoppers will strive to reduce crime through an expanded and stronger relationship between the community, police and media.

How Can I Give a Tip?

If you have any information about a crime that has been committed…..

Texting and Driving Prevention

Don't make us respond to your final text. Stay Alive! Don't Text and Drive.